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Zhejiang JingXiang Air Conditioning Equipment Co., founded in 2011, is located in China's top ten richest Forbes county-level cities , the national comprehensive strength hundred area, China hundred industrial zone - Zhejiang Shaoxing Province Shangyu region . The company from Hangzhou 72 kilometers Xiaoshan International Airport , Ningbo Lishe International Airport 112 kilometers away from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 187 kilometers, the transportation is very convenient.

Our company is a professional research and development, production and sales of refrigeration heat transfer equipment series of integrated science and technology enterprises, as domestic air conditioning, commercial air, rail, marine air conditioning, industrial refrigeration, freezing cold possession of professional fields such as technology , systematic the refrigeration solutions and supporting equipment , the annual production capacity of 6 0 million units . The company is now a Zhejiang-based science and technology enterprise , enterprise credit evaluation AAA credit enterprise and integrity management demonstration unit .

Guided by customer needs , creating maximum value for customers, and winning the future is our company 's aim . In 2015, the company successfully passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and obtained the national industrial product production license in 2018 . The company attaches great importance to equipment and technology investment, 2016 - 2018, invested more than 20 million domestic introduction of advanced production equipment and high-precision molds , already has dozens of sets of high-precision molds and CNC punching, laser cutting machine, automatic long U bending machine , high-speed presses , vertical expanding machine , horizontal expanding machine , tunnel drying machine production and processing equipment . Through continuous investment in equipment and technology , the company's production capacity and production level have been greatly improved. The company has won positive comments from customers with its excellent product quality and excellent service.


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